Abandoned + broken = pieces of art

© Bade Stageberg Cox

A bit of foresight and a reservoir of bright yellow paint turned 50 abandoned and broken NYC street chairs into museum quality pieces of art.

The architecture firm Bade Stageberg Cox (BSC) couldn’t let the abundance of orphaned chairs around NYC simply wither away to mere heaps of garbage. They saw an opportunity to give the found pieces a new life and infuse NYC’s annual international contemporary and modern art fair, The Amory Show, with bold blasts of color. With little more than hand tools and taxi-cab yellow paint, they transformed 50 of NYC’s finest street chairs into Street Seats, a modern-art exhibit in their own right.

Credit: Photo by Lucy Hogg

The chairs migrated around the show during its five-day run adding to the modern aesthetic and enhancing the distinctly New York City atmosphere.  Blake Gopnik of The Daily Beast saw the appeal of the project and wrote: “What’s so nice about the project is that its status as art never quite becomes clear. It feels like a modest little aesthetic infection that quietly spreads through the Armory show.”

But the story of these chairs didn’t end with the closing of the show.  The bottom of each chair was stamped with the date and location it was adopted by BSC and they are now being sold, piece by piece. Add a fragment of NYC history by incorporating one of these to your own modern design.

Now perhaps there is something that can be done about all those miscellaneous shoes found about town. Hot pink paint and a cobbler. Who’s in?

Featured chair was recovered February 10, 2012, 5th Street and 8th Avenue, Park Slope. To purchase contact Bade Stageberg Cox: streetseats@bscarchitecture.com

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